Conversion Design

Conversion Design: The Art of Persuasion

Website designers often fall into the trap of “over designing” a website. They produce works of art that are beautiful to behold but serve little or no other purpose. Even with decent traffic, these sites will never meet their business objectives when there are no clear directions or calls-to-action. Prospects remain prospects and conversion remains an elusive objective.
Please have a look below how conversion design works.



Beautiful websites do not sell products and/or services. Therein lies the problem. Designers by nature, focus on aesthetics. They don’t necessarily design with an end goal in mind. In fact, business owners should also be held accountable for not defining their business objectives clearly throughout the design process. Graphic designers are rarely trained in maximizing conversion rates and yet, conversion should be the first priority for any website designer. Conversion rate is the one metric that truly measures the success of a website.

What happens when website designers design with no set objectives?

Design is not creating something that looks good. A website designer that creates good-looking websites should not be considered a website designer. They are better identified as an artist or graphic designer. Design should always have a purpose e.g. crafting a solution to a problem. When “website designers” ignore the purpose for which they are designing, the end result is usually confusing navigation, intricate decoration for the sake of it, too much or too little information, too few or too many choices, a lack of clear directions and either, too many or too few calls-to-action.

Whatever technique is used, the most important goal is to turn prospects into customers and each and every element of design should be purposefully included to meet that goal. Websites have approximately 3-5 seconds to grab the visitor’s attention. This is an extremely small window of opportunity which good conversion focused designers use to their advantage.

Conversion Design Examples