I do volunteer web design and development

Volunteer web designerIs your web developer portfolio looking a little sparse? If so, then volunteer your web developer skills!
For me volunteering is an excellent way to practice the skills I took the time to learn while giving an opportunity to network. In this industry, networking is key to gaining more work as a freelancer.
Being a volunteer web developer has so many benefits aside from the obvious do-gooder feeling you get from volunteering your services.

Volunteer Web designer

Build My Portfolio

A strong portfolio can replace a resume in the technology industry, and many employers want to see what I can do before giving me a work.
Volunteering as a Melbourne web designer puts my web creative skills into action and creates a product that can be shown to prospective employers.


Word of mouth travels fast, and if I am able to provide a great website by being a volunteer web designer or developer, chances are that the organization or business will recommend me to others that are in need of a web page.


If the organization or charity you are designing for is a popular one, they most likely get many site visits and there will be your name at the bottom of the page. If a person likes my work they will want to hire me to design their next site.

Volunteering is Great for Everyone

Not only will I benefit from being a volunteer web designer, but the organization will, as well. Having a well designed web site is essential for anyone who provides a service, even if it is community based. They may get more grants and aid for having a stronger web presence, and this in turn helps promote a better world.

Let’s recap: by volunteering your web design skills, you’ll get more work in your portfolio, a larger network, a stronger web presence, and will be helping save the world. Sounds good? Volunteer!

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